Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees
System Development Charge See resolution
Building Sewer Permit 20.00
Building Sewer Inspection 54.00
Lien Search 9.00
Recording Filing Fee (Actual Charges by Recorder)
Each additional page (Actual Charges by Recorder)
Construction Inspection (Minimum 1 hours) 43.00
Certification to County Fee 50.00
NSF Check Charge, each occurrence 10.00
RV Dump (for those outside the District) 5.00
BOD Lab Test 72.00
Fecal Coliform Lab Test 54.00
Suspended Solids Lab Test (2 samples) 36.00
Other Lab Tests (Quoted as requested)
Saddles & tapping machine 4 in., ea. 110.00; 6 in., ea. 145.00
Tapping machine, per tap paid by
–contractor at time of rental 85.00
Labor per hour/per person 43.00
Vacuum Test, Manhole 191.00
Air Test Sewer Line, per hour 191.00
Combination Sewer Cleaner, per hour 418.50
Utility Truck, per hour 90.00
Standard Truck, per hour 78.00
Copier per page 0.25
Certified Mailing-Quarterly User Fee bills 10.00 (at customer request, each mailing
Mailed Agendas, each $1.00
–($20.00 deposit required before mailing)
Plan Review (Actual review charges by engineer)
Legal Review Fees (Actual review charges by attorney)
Legal Document Preparation Fees (Actual Charges)
Credit/Debit Card Processing Fee $5.00 each occurrence, user fees only